¡La primavera ha llegado!

Spring has arrived!  I have been busy wrenching, reorganizing, and selling beautiful bicycles for several weeks now.  I have made some changes to my setup that I’m happy with so far.

Organization is always something I’ve been good at, but not something I’ve always taken the time to do.  This last winter saw me on several interior projects to make our house more comfortable and organized.  I have taken that energy to the shop in the past month, and life and work are a lot more fun.

Firstly, I have not bought any bikes.  Well, maybe one or two.  But basically bikes are leaving and not coming.  That’s good.  I have more space to work in.  My kids’ bikes (and mine too) are easy to find and ride.  I’m keeping plenty busy from bikes I’ve collected.  There’s no need to shop for more.  I can always find physical product–the bikes.  Most people I’ve visited who also do bikes have a sprawling herd of rusting tetanus colonies.  If I’ve got a bike to work on, I don’t need more bikes.  I can only sell what I can get through.  That’s it.  No need to collect.  That’s the idea, anyway.


All wheels are hanging.  I usually have a pile of wheels taking up huge amounts of floor space.  Obviously, they need to be hanging from the ceiling.  I cannot stress how much this helps the look and utility of my shop.


My tools are organized.  Yes.  This is kid’s stuff, right.  Get organized.  It’s a process.  Next week, I’ll think of something that makes me look like a total novice this week.


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