About Sprague & Sons

Sprague & Sons Bicycles is a small home-based company.  We buy and sell used bicycles.  In most cases, our bikes are completely rebuilt by Jeremy / Dad.  Most of our bikes have new grease, ball bearings, cables, grips, chains and bar wrap.  Our specialty are mid-range bicycles that are affordable, durable, and useful.

It all starts with the right bicycle.  There are plenty of crummy used bikes out there.  We avoid those.  We choose quality used bikes that were made by reputable manufacturers, and sold new at bike stores.  If a bike has a bad frame, we don’t pass that along to our clients.  We recycle the frame and place the components in our used parts bins.  In some cases, we make furniture from used parts.  Here’s a nice plant table made with forks for legs and hubs for feet.


Michael (5) and James (8) with their rebuilt Dyno BMX dirt bikes

The philosophy behind what we do is simple.  People need bikes.  There are a lot of used bikes.  There is a need for competent workmanship dedicated towards putting old bikes back on the road.  We recycle by fixing up useful but forgotten bicycles.  We keep old steel out of landfills.  We keep iron ore in the ground.  We care about the earth, and we know that hard times cometh for our planet.  With each vintage bike we make new, we eliminate the toxic by-products of new bicycle manufacture.  Some day, we hope to anger the People’s Republic of China, where most new bikes are made.  It’s a grain-of-sand / drop-of-water philosophy, but we won’t be moved.  Long live bicycles!

This is David with his first bicycle find.  It’s a 1966 Schwinn DeLuxe Racer 3-Speed.  He yelled, “Bike!  Bike!” as we were on a bike ride together.  It was and out on the curb, being given away.  Good work, son!  We’ll see what we can do with it.
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