1. Cable Locks Don’t Work 2. How to Find a Great Deal

Two quick notes today.  First thing is about cable locks.  As you can see in my picture above, they don’t work.  Get a Kryptonite U-lock.  Lock that to your frame, front wheel, and whatever you’re hooking to.  Use a heavy gauge cable to go through your rear wheel.  Today I bought a bike with two of these things wrapped around the head tube.  I made quick work of both of them with a tool that fits into my pocket.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 3.56.30 PM

Speaking of the bike, here it is.  You can see the mess that is the two cable locks wrapped around everything up front.  And here I come to my deal-finding tip of the day.  Here is an ad for a “Bicycle” or a “10 speed bicycle”.  By the design, I can tell that it’s modern, and by the size of the tubing, probably aluminum, and likely not a 10-Speed, but a 3×7 speed.  What I can tell by the blurry photo (not to mention the lazy text of the ad) is that the owner doesn’t give a rat’s ass about this bike any more.  They just want it gone.  Bike riding wasn’t for them.  Whatever.  I haggled a bit, and got it down to $45.

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 4.08.34 PM.png

Turns out, this is a Giant Escape W.  It was an expensive bike new.  I’ll have to get the brakes working, true the wheels, replace the chain, and do a lot of cleaning, waxing and tuning up.  I will make good money on this bike.  In my market here in GR, it will go for just over $200.

In summary, an ad with a crummy picture and incorrect information about a great bike usually means there’s a deal to be had.

Also, don’t buy cable locks.  It’s difficult for me to remove the metal from the plastic when I want to recycle them, and they only serve to show that you don’t want your bike stolen.


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