Focus RG-700, Testing My Resolve

Money can really ruin a bicycle.  I paid $155 for a Japanese Focus RG-700 with Suntour Superbe Pro components.  That’s how much the crankset would cost if you wanted one on Ebay.  The rear derailleur, $100.  The Dia-Compe NGC 400 brakes, $50.  Front derailleur, $30.  Shifters, $60.  All other components, at least $100.  All told, $500, not including the frame.

The Bike Czar in Santa Rosa California, where bikes are worth more than anywhere else in the country, has an RG-700 for sale at $485.

Screen Shot 2018-09-22 at 8.33.15 AM.png

The only other one I found was in Sioux Falls, SD, for $200.  Here in Grand Rapids, the bike could get $300 (maybe) if I find someone into vintage bikes.  Bottom line, if I want to make money on this bike, I have to part it out.  To make matters more complicated, I have to find a new rear derailleur to make this bike whole.  The mounting bolt on mine is missing half the threads.  Someone had worked on the bike before, and cross-threaded that bolt.  Most mounting bolts are steel.  This is high end stuff, so the bolt is made of lighter, less dense aluminum.  It’s easy to mess up threads on these.

If I put this derailleur back on the bike, it could simply fall off the bike while shifting.  No friggin’ way!  I have to find a compatible bolt in my boneyard, or buy a used rear derailleur on Ebay for a bunch of money.  I’m starting to see that I have two options–part out the bike and make a sweet profit, or fix this bike properly and probably not break even.  

I DO NOT PART OUT BIKES!!  I make bikes whole!  Harumph!  I did try one bolt from my boneyard, but the dimensions of it were all wrong, and I couldn’t get the derailleur to swivel once it was mounted.  I’m going to try to find a Suntour Cyclone derailleur and harvest the part off that.  If it doesn’t work, crap!  I will update this bike when it is finished.  This is a rare bike.  I love Japanese bikes.  No way I’m parting it out.  Harumph!


I’ve worked out the issues, and here is the bike.  An absolute beauty.  I’m so excited that it’s done and that it rides well.  The best part is, I have another one EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE that I snagged on CL about a month ago!  I’m working on it now.  They’re both 58cm frames, same paint, same parts.  Twins!  Yay!


Update October 5th, 2018:

Here’s the first one.
Here’s its twin.  Same bike, same components, also a 58cm.


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