Shelby Traveler 3-Speed from Birmingham, England

Early Spring is a great time to clean house. I find the ugliest things I have lying around, and I do something with them. Last was the CCM Turismo, which is now absolutely gorgeous! But bikes like these make me look like a hack when they’re just taking up space. So this is the next one up.

Shelby Traveler 3-Speed with Hercules hub and shifter. As far as I know, this might be a Hercules-made frame as well. I’m not sure. There’s not a lot of information that I found quickly, and I’m not going to spend the time digging.

Unfortunately (fortunately–bc I’ve already done my share of work on cottered cranksets), this is a parts bike. Look at the rake in those forks! If you turn one way or the other, you’re going to get more than you bargained for. You’re going down.

This bike suffered a direct front-end impact. My best guess is that a nice lady was riding home from watching a live blues band at the bar, and remembered the cute guy who was eyeing her all night long. When he finally did walk over to talk to her, the band’s drummer’s hair caught fire from a cigarette he was handsomely dangling from his lip. The fire brigade showed up and sent everyone packing. Her mind was so distracted by the events that she slammed right into the back of the flat black El Camino parked outside her apartment. Whose El Camino was that? Wouldn’t we all like to know.

bad rake

So this frame is going to the scrapyard, where it’ll be processed and trucked out of town. It will hitch a ride on a barge down the Mississippi River and taken to a smelting facility in Arkansas or Mississippi and turned back into raw materials. Hopefully, it becomes a tuning fork for middle school band students. Or something pretty, like an I-beam for a bridge. The silver lining is that there are lots of nice parts on board this bicycle. I’m going to take the head badge off, flatten it, and make a nice refrigerator magnet out of it. The wheels are operable. It shifts. The brakes are good. It’s nice to have these things around when people need something to get their old family heirloom bike back on the road. Save, salvage, scrimp, and recycle!

fridge magnet
Her-cu-matic Shifter…. How did Sturmey-Archer not get a payoff? Or did they?
A good saddle for anything this style and vintage
Here’s a unique chain guard. You can barely see the “Shelby”. I wonder if the Shelby family from Peaky Blinders made these. They were also in Birmingham. Coincidence?
Until next time…

If you are in need of any of these parts, text me at 317-946-4141. Thanks!

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