Miyata Elevation 300′ Restoration

I’m working on this bike today. And probably tomorrow. 3 hours yesterday. These cases I don’t take on too much. But the bike was super cheap. And it’s a Miyata. I don’t see a lot of Miyata mountain bikes. It’s a nice one. The wheels are in great shape. The frame is not at all compromised by the years this bike spent under a tarp. So that’s good.

It’s getting a new drive train, obviously. I got the cantilever brakes broken loose, lubed and made to articulate smoothly again. The front derailleur was seized like the brakes, but I worked it loose, removed the rust and brushed the whole deal with marine grease.

I had the chain and cassette in stock, but I had to order the large chainring for $30. The shifters are both broken because someone tried to make them work with seized cables. I have them in my boneyard, but they don’t match. I’m grateful that they used stainless steel for the spokes. Otherwise I might have to go over yonder and holler at stuff.

These were seized badly. I disassembled them and cleaned everything with 0000-grade steel wool, lubed everything up, and replaced the mounting bolts with ones with no pitting from rust.
I got lucky and found two of the three required chainrings in my boneyard. They’re aluminum, so they won’t ever look like the old ones.
The RSX long-cage derailleur from a road bike with a triple chainring was what I found in my parts bin that worked the best. I had to change this out, as the matching shifters I found were Shimano. This is indexing perfectly, and even though it’s a road bike part, looks good on this mountain bike.

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