Schwinn Passage Touring Bike

Here’s a bike I finished last week (late August, 2020).  It’s a beautiful touring bike for the early to mid 1980’s.  I’ve not researched it too much, but I wanted to document this one for anyone who is researching these bikes.  Enjoy the pics, and thanks for looking!  This bike features a Sachs-Huret long-cage rear derailleur, Columbus Tenax tubing, and a triple crankset.



1 thought on “Schwinn Passage Touring Bike

  1. This Passage is from 1986…built in the Schwinn Mississippi factory. I have one that is completely original in blue except for a changed saddle. Love the ride…not super fast but very stable and comfortable as it should be. I’m looking to experiment a bit to change to mustache bars with barend snifters


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