Back to Work!

It’s been a tough week.  I went into the Meijer Heart Center on Tuesday morning for a couple of procedures to correct my atrial fibrillation.  I didn’t let being down slow down my bike buying, however.  It’s cleaning season, and people are unloading unwanted bikes.  I’m going to be ready for Spring.

I do not like being in a doctor’s care that much.  In fact, I’m terrified of all medical anything.  So this week I’ve stayed active on the bikes to keep my mind on positive things.  Monday, I finished this absolute beauty:


Monday night, my good friend Mark took me out for a pre-op dinner in East Town.  On our way home, we picked up this beautiful Raleigh Grand Prix:


So that was Monday.  Tuesday, I looked like this:


Surprisingly, I don’t feel at my best with a chest tube drain in, a catheter up my urethra, and sensors all over the place.  I spent a night looking pretty pitiful, but I kept bidding on bikes through online auctions.  That, and visits from my sons, wife, and in-laws kept my spirits up.

Wednesday, after my second surgery, I started to look a bit better:


And this is me Thursday morning, looking determined to get out and get back with my bikes, my boys, and my beautiful wife!

IMG_9333 2

And today, I have picked up three bikes already.  Soon, I’ll get back to working on them.  Here are a few future projects:

IMG_2859 2
Back to work!  Loving life!

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