Blog! What am I doing here?

I hope to get better at this as I go.  What is my plan?  What do I hope to accomplish blogging?  How much am I going to blog about fixing, selling, or buying?  If I start blogging, will I lose time wrenching?  How do I work this WordPress thing?

The first thing I’m going to do is clean my computer screen.  My sons have been playing Roblox or some kind of mess, and there’s expactorate all over the screen.  How do they do that?  Is it from yelling at their opponents?  Whatever.  This is my computer now, and I’m cleaning it.

Sprague & Sons is a bicycle store that I hope to have one day, but I’ll never do it.  It makes no sense.  Bike stores have enormous overhead.  I’ve visited used bike stores.  They don’t have time to do what I do.  I have a garage full of bikes.  I take each one down to the frame.  I clean, wax, polish, replace and fix as I go.  By the end, my bikes glow with newfound purpose, and they ride like new.  It’s a hard job.  The hardest.  I don’t make much money, and the cash flow is inconsistent as hell.  It’s back to school season, so I’ve got a George Costanza wallet right now.  But the winter is cold in the garage. Only avid collectors buy from me then, so I devote that time to home improvements.

My sons don’t wrench yet because they’re only 2, 5 and 8.  They do ride bikes, and they have come with me on countless trips to pick up bikes from Craigslist posts.  My youngest, David, seems to have the most interest.  He stays home with me, and plays nearby as I work.  He loves bikes.  When I finish one, he wants to sit in my lap on my test rides.  Michael, the middle boy, just received a 1982 Schwinn Bantam that I rebuilt for him.  He still uses training wheels, and that’s fine.  He rode around and around in circles for two hours yesterday, ringing his bell as he went.  James, my oldest, asked me to take his training wheels off when he was 3 and a half years old.  In a few hours, and after bashing up his shins like a motherfucker, he was riding.

So what am I doing here?  I suppose I’d just like to share with you what I know about buying bikes, selling bikes, fixing bikes, living at work and working at home, taking care of boys, and giving purpose to broken down bicycles.



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